Necklaces These Necklaces are made from Gemstone Beads, Shell Beads, Bone Beads, Coral Beads or Bone Beads.  We also add accented metal beads. We can CUSTOMIZE any item that you like - for example, we can add a charm (see CHARMS page). Hibiscus Black & Cream Faceted Agate     10mm     18” Necklace N-BKCRAGATE $35.00 Snowflake Obsidian     8mm     18” Necklace N-SNOWOBSID-8 $35.00 Snowflake Obsidian     6mm     18” Necklace N-SNOWOBSID-6 $30.00 Unakite     8mm 18”  Necklace N-UNAKITE $30.00 Sodalite     6mm 18” Necklace N-SODALITE-6 $30.00 Conch Shell     5.5mm 17” Necklace N-CONSHELL $30.00 Green & White Mother of Pearl     6mm     18” Necklace N-GRWHMOP-6 $30.00 Made by Willow Aventurine     6mm     18” Long N-AVENTU-6 $30.00 Turquoise & Carved Bone Beads with Carved Bone Feather      8mm 18” Necklace N-TURBONEFEATH-8 $45.00 Jade Necklace     6mm to 14mm 17” Necklace N-JADE-6-14 $45.00 Braziian Aquamarine Necklace     6mm - 14mm 17” Necklace N-BRAZAQUA-6-14 $40.00 White Turquoise, Brown Agate & Brown Bone Feather 19” Long N-WHTURQBRBONE $52.00 Snowflake Obsidian with Silver Accent Beads & Snoflake Obsidian Pendant N-SNOWOBSPEND $40.00 Close Up Orange Jade & Orange Crazy Agate with Gold Accent Beads & Gold Tipped Conch Shell N-ORJADESHELL $40.00 Close Up Close Up Beige Mother of Pearl (MOP) 6mm - 14mm Beads     19” Long N-BEIGEMOP $42.50 Close Up Black & White Mother of Pearl (MOP) 6mm - 14mm Beads 19” Long $42.50 Contact us: