Earrings These Earrings are made from Gemstone Beads, Shell Beads, Bone Beads, Coral Beads or Bone Beads.  We also add accented metal beads. Amethyst & Carved Coral Earrings 10mm Beads E-AMECOREAR $6.00 Black & Cream Faceted Agate Earrings 10mm beads E-BLKCRAGATEAR $6.00 Pink Carved Coral Rosebuds with White Mother of Pearl    8mm & 6mm beads E-PNKCORMOPEAR $5.00 Goldstone with Gold Beads     8mm E-GLDSTGLDEAR $5.00 Made by Willow White Carved Bone    7mm E-WHBONEEAR $5.00 Light & Dark Jade with Silver Beads 7mm E-JADESILEAR $5.00 Beige & Brown Mother of Pearl 9mm & 6mm E-BEIBRMOPEAR $6.00 Malachite & Carved Bone 8mm & 5mm E-MALABONEEAR $7.00 Contact us:  sales@hibicusbeads.com